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Healthcare in the United States of America is a hot-button topic right now. Many Americans are fed up with just how much healthcare costs in the country and they look at other countries with modern social healthcare systems with great envy. There are a variety of opinions about which path the country should go but it’s important for Americans to know about their options right now when it comes to healthcare affordability. Take a look at the following four myths about healthcare affordability to see if any of this information will help you out.

  1. Health Insurance Companies Won’t Work with You

It’s true that it isn’t always easy to work with health insurance companies and this sometimes means that you won’t be able to get the care that you need. However, it is possible to try to talk with healthcare companies if some of your needs aren’t being met. There are some exceptions to certain rules that they have in place and you might be able to work out a better deal. Sometimes this will involve jumping through some hoops but it can be worthwhile when you’re trying to get certain things covered.

  1. You Have to Pay Medical Bills Right Away

Some people avoid going to the doctor or the hospital because they are worried about the high medical bills. No one should have to go into debt because they get sick but you also shouldn’t have to choose to suffer. You don’t have to pay your medical bills right away and it’s possible to break things up into payments. If you know you don’t have thousands that you can spend on healthcare right now, then this doesn’t mean that you can’t get care.

  1. Payment Plans Require Good Credit

The idea that payment plans require good credit is most certainly a myth when it comes to going to a hospital or seeing a normal doctor. There are some gray areas that fall under the health banner that aren’t covered by health insurance plans, though. For example, your dentist might not give you a payment plan option if you don’t have good credit. You will be able to make payments on your medical bills from your doctor or from a hospital visit, though.

  1. Medications Will Always Be Too Expensive

You might be able to lower the cost of many medications by simply going with a generic option. The “name brand” medications often cost multiple times the amount of money that the generic ones do. If you are strapped for cash, then you should talk to your doctor about making the most economically sensible decisions when it comes to your medications. It can help you to have an easier time getting by.