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Michelle Monee Aquart Heart Health

Depression is something that so many people have to deal with on a daily basis. You know that depression makes it tough to do many things, but did you know that depression actually negatively affects heart health? Read on to get more information about how depression and heart health are connected. It might just open your eyes to how your mental health can have an impact on your physical condition.


Often, you’ll find that people who are depressed will try to find ways to cheer themselves up. This is a pretty normal response to depression but it leads many people to start overeating. Overeating can have a very negative impact on your heart health. If you start eating foods that are bad for your heart health, then you could do some real damage over time.

Lack of Activity

Of course, not having energy is another thing that is closely associated with depression. Even mild depression has the potential to sap you of your energy and you might not feel like working out much any longer. This can lead to you being sedentary more often than not, which will negatively impact your heart health. If you want to protect your heart health, then it’s important to learn how to manage depression symptoms properly.

Sleep Issues

Sleep deprivation is going to have a large number of different negative health consequences. People who are depressed will sometimes have a very hard time falling asleep at night and this can throw your sleep schedule off wildly. Sure, sometimes depressed individuals will also sleep too much but the point to understand is that depression is linked to unhealthy sleep practices. None of the sleep issues that are caused by depression will be good for your heart.

Stress Levels

Too much stress is going to put a big strain on your heart and this can make it tough for you to keep your heart health in check. You probably already know that stress is linked to heart issues and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that depression can make you feel more stressed than usual. Also, depression issues can sometimes be compounded by anxiety and this can make your life that much more stressful.